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Hey there!!! Welcome to my new blog. I am a newly turned 30 year old. I am a mom. I am a baker. I am a lesbian. I am a fiance that will shortly be a wife. I am a former fat girl (although not due to many of these recipes). But most of all...I am me. And I love to cook. I love dinner parties. I love sending sweets and treats to my lovely fiance's job. I adore sharing the delicious food I prepare. This blog will share some of those recipes, lots of those photos, and maybe even some stories. The characters in my stories will be my fiance, J, our kiddo, L, and my soon to be MIL P. Oh, and of course, me - C. :)

So, stop in soon. And often. And let me know what you think. I will be sharing not only desserts, but entrees, and maybe even sometimes drinks, also. For now...here are some photos of food past!

Cherry Berries on a Cloud
Mixed Berry Muffins

4 Coconut Cream Pie